What we need isn't evolution it's Revolution

Orion Metzger, a Transgender Iraq War Veteran, has experienced the problems with our nation firsthand while homeless in Los Angeles. She firmly believe that it's gotten this bad because our democracy has lost it's connection to the people.

Metzger for Congress is a campaign about bringing justice to those on top, where it's been missing. It's time for the sons and daughters of Los Angeles to stand up; stand for a clean sky, stand for debt-less education.

We deserve medicine that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We deserve roofs that don't cost half our pay. The children caged and dying in concentration camps deserve justice, and it's naive to expect it to come from the same people who caused it.

We deserve a world where the needs of the many outweigh the greeds of the few.

The first step in building that world is the removal of money from politics, We are doing our best to run a campaign without any funding other than environmental institutes and private donations. No SuperPACs, no corporate ownership.


Our government has built ethnic concentration camps! There is no other name that applies to what's been done. These camps are in direct violation of US law and international asylum treaties.

They must be closed, ICE must be abolished or seriously restructured, and the US should hand over human rights investigations to the UN. These innocent asylum seekers need justice.

The Green New Deal

Our planet is dying, This should not be a partisan issue. Scientists have been loudly proclaiming this for over a generation, but Fossil Fuel Industry misinformation campaigns have stopped us from fixing it, and now we stand on the brink of destruction!

This problem is too big for any 1 nation, the only way to solve a planetary problem is with planetary solutions.

Dirty Politics

If the elections held are not fair then nothing that happens afterwards matters, I believe this is an issue that crosses party lines, in every town in America except Washington.

Dark Money, Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, 3rd Party exclusion, all of these things need to be restructured.

Economic Inequality

What is the point in a politician "creating" a job when you need 3 just to keep the lights on? We don't need 10 million more part time jobs with no growth. We don't need a wage so low it won't pay for our children's school clothes.

We need a living wage, housing, food, water, healthcare, and education classified as human rights, union protections, collective bargaining, higher taxes on obscene wealth, executive wage caps... We need a Congress who's priorities match the voter's.

Medicare For All

Americans require medicine to live, it's that simple. Anything required for life is too important to be left to the free market, a system that by it's very nature, profits by withholding access to resources.

A tax funded, total access, no private cost Single Payer medical system is the only kind that ensures this essential human right is secure.


Every child deserves an education. Knowledge may well be the most powerful tool a young person can be given.

An Undergraduate is now considered essential in almost every field, and it should not cost 50 thousand dollars to achieve.



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