Meet Orion

Orion Metzger is running for Congress to replace a broken system with fairness, empathy, and stability.

Grandchild of decorated World War Veteran Norbert Metzger, Orion was born in Loraine Ohio. Raised in a split home, divided between his mother in Chicago and  father in Los Angeles.

Attended Catholic elementary school, where an early developed curiosity  caused an abundance of trouble.

The desire to serve the community developed early as well, and at 17 Orion dropped out of Highchool to enlist in the Army at the height of the Iraq War.

Orion enlisted as a combat medic at 17, celebrating the 18th birthday in a tent with a rifle on his cot.

Left leaning even at that age, Orion joined as an anti-war objector. Serving to try and ‘lessen the body count’ as a medic, because he believed that part of being in a Democracy is sharing the blame for it’s failures.

To that effect he deployed to Iraq during the Surge in 09, while attached to the 3rd Infantry Division.

After returning from Service in 11′ Orion enrolled at Columbia College of Chicago to study media, believing that gaining visibility would let him do more than trying to fix 1 wound at a time in the sand.

He began freelance work in independent film and performance, and eventually moved to Los Angeles full time.

The rent crisis in Los Angeles hit Orion hard. Stagnant wages and rising rents eventually drove him to homelessness.

Living in his car while working in Downtown LA because the pay wouldn’t cover a room, it’s not a unique story in this city.

With the help of the VA, as well as friends and family, Orion was able to pull himself out of that hole that swallows so many people.

But it’s not enough to get out of the hole yourself, we have to fix these problems so the next person doesn’t fall at all.

The country is in trouble, we’ve been on autopilot while everything decays, but not anymore.